On Messing Up

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.

I owe a colleague some cookies. CC Image courtesy of flickr user jamieanne

Over the past two weeks, I have messed up big time, twice. Both times for similar reasons – I forgot to talk to someone important at the right time in a process. In one case it involved a project that I working on with a student and a faculty member, and I didn’t talk to our systems administrators early enough in the process. In another, I forgot to pass on some important information related to a search committee I’m on.

In both cases, I owned up to my mistakes, and begged forgiveness. I owe one person some cookies. In both cases, I was pleasantly reminded of how wonderful my colleagues are. Both accepted my apologies and said that things would work out fine, and both put in some additional work to help fix my mistake.

So here is a public mea culpa and a public acknowledgment that my colleagues are wonderful!  Let’s hope I can get through some of my next projects without any big missteps.