Why I’m lukewarm about Google+

It has nothing to do with features, appearance or privacy.  And I’m certainly not opposed to the type of social networking it entails.  Rather, it’s all about laziness.

@marknca put it quite succinctly on twitter:

while g+ has very compelling features, it's also highlighting the effort required to recreate your social graph on a new service #sm


I don’t really want my social networking to feel like effort, and that’s what’s happening right now.  It’s taking time to map twitter handles to real names, and to figure out if I want to share baby pictures of my kids with this person I met at a conference but not this other person.  And as usual, I’m probably over-thinking it.

I’m normally a reasonably early adopter of digital tools, but I’m dragging my feet on this one.  I was happy using Twitter for primarily professional purposes and Facebook for primarily personal uses.  Assuming Google+ doesn’t fizzle like Wave or Buzz I’m sure I’ll get there in the end, but this one make take me a while.