I believe I would be a “Data-Driven Nerd”

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Virginia Hughs just posted her classification of scientists, and I believe this classification helps me understand why I ended up in librarianship.  According to her classifications (in which I see almost all of my scientist friends), I would be a “Data-Driven Nerd”:

These are guys and gals who seem to spend every waking hour in the lab. They’re precise and thorough. They like new technologies that get them better — and more, always more — data. They hate writing up their papers because there’s never enough good data to say something definitive. They generally see no need for (and have no patience for) journalists, unless lapsing into an effusive geek-out moment over some surprising new data.

I think it was my love of data and data analysis (although I didn’t love collecting the data in the field so much) that pushed me over into librarianship, where I get to look at other peoples data and publications all day.

I was a geologist by training, but I always felt like a bit of an outsider because while I love being outside, I didn’t love fieldwork particularly.

Check out her excellent post:  where do you fit in?


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