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The Contributions of Dr. J. Mark Erickson to the Geological Literature

With Students And Scholars, From The North Country To The International Community


A scientist’s record of scholarly publications serves as a lasting testament to their interests, commitments and passions. Dr J. Mark Erickson has over 45 scholarly publications demonstrating his longstanding commitment to undergraduate research, his exceptional scholarship, and his interest in the regional geology of both the North Country and North Dakota. Dr. Erickson’s commitment to undergraduate research started long before it was fashionable, as seen by his first publications in The Compass, the journal of Sigma Gamma Epsilon. His bibliography includes publications in prestigious journals like Nature and the Journal of Paleontology, illustrating the high quality of his scholarship. Smaller organizations like the New York State Geological Association and the North Dakota Academy of Sciences also benefitted from his contributions. Dr. Erickson often chose to work with current and former students, co-authoring with them on many publications. In addition to Dr. Erickson’s bibliography, his other vital contribution to the geological sciences is the group of scholars and students he taught and mentored during his time at St. Lawrence. Many of these students have gone on to have illustrious careers as geoscience scholars, thanks largely to the education they received from Dr. Erickson and St. Lawrence University.


This presentation was given at the 8th St. Lawrence University Geology Alumni Conference in Canton, NY on October 6, 2012.


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